Choose What Works For You

JUMP Start

Starts at $499

New Business? Start ups should start here, we'll give your new business all the tools to start off strong. At InDex we have Logo designers who know how to make the brand fit the company. InDex also have SEO Experts who will focus on making sure your business looks good when looked up. InDex Web designers will design your website to it's full potential. Tell InDex Developers exactly what you're looking for and they will deliver. Thank You!

Professional Website  & Custom Logo

Starts at $349

Need a Website and a Logo? InDex Designers are full of creativity. Your website will not stop till you have the best website possible. Once contacted by a InDex Developer explain your dream website and they'll design it. Logo designers will focus on designing your logo to fix the business. InDex Logo Designers are skilled and have no limit to their creativity. Thank You!  

Professional Website

Starts at $249

Need a Website? InDex Developers are skilled artist with keyboards. InDex take web designing serious, InDex will make it their mission to make your business look amazing online. Your business website is the breaking grounds between you and your next sale. We will make it easy to make your life easier. Thank You!

Hosting Plans

Base Hosting - Hosted Website 
$36 for 6 Months

Active Hosting - Hosted Website, Maintenance, and Editing
$72 for 6 Months

Analysis Hosting - Hosted Website, Maintenance, Editing, Google Analytics, and Web Traffic Report
$115 for 6 Months

Pro Market Hosting - Hosted Website, Maintenance, Editing, Google Analytics, Web Traffic Report, Marketing Advice, and Pro SEO Support
$210 for 6 Months